Wedding State University’s goal is to help as many people as possible to realize their dreams.

We are joining, the luxury skin care line, SK-II in their fight to help women begin to “Dream Again”.  When we are young, we are told we can do anything.  If that is true, what happened?  Many of us are living in a perpetual state of just trying to survive.  We don’t really enjoy our life.  We just do what it take to make it through the day, through the week, and then, through the year.  Years go by and we don’t even realize it. Then we start to believe, it is too late.

Every now and then we may remember we once had a dream but quickly realize, it is just too overwhelming to think about actually trying to make our dreams happen.

Last month, the world’s first Global Dreams Index Survey, by luxury skincare brand SK-II, uncovered alarming results – half the world’s female population have given up on their dreams. The survey of 5,400 women in 14 countries across six continents found that the barriers to pursuing childhood dreams were limited financial support, fear of going out of one’s comfort zone and not fitting traditional model of success.

At WSU we are so grateful that SK-II has taken the initiative to conduct this undoubtedly huge undertaking and provided us with the resources to look at how the world’s women have given up on their dreams.

Having the opportunity to witness others sadness in not realizing their dreams can help us look into our own lives and examine how we may have joined them in giving up our dreams too.

The purpose of Wedding State University  is to help people envision their dreams, give them the tools to hold on to, and recognize those dreams.

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Founder and Master Planner, Victoria Lewis, shares her thoughts with us about the “Dream Again” campaign and how it relates to Wedding State University’s mission.

“When I was 18, I quickly realized the circumstances surrounding my life meant it would be nearly impossible to achieve my goals. I had made some poor choices, and life had made some for me.  The obstacles in my path seemed overwhelming.  I spent many heartbreaking nights awake wondering how I would take care of myself and my family. I spent 30 years, fighting to make sure, even with the trials put in my path, I would do whatever I could to make my dreams and my children’s dreams come true.  It wasn’t easy, but it was possible.  To witness other people negatively affect someone’s dreams breaks my heart, and it has been a mission to do everything I can to help them hold on to and realize their dreams. That is one of the main reasons why my business has flourished for over 30 years and why we developed Wedding State University. It is important to us to help empower others to realize their dreams too.”

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If you want to realize your goals, weather you are planning your wedding or want to start a new career in the Wedding Business, WSU will provide you with the tools and guide you through the process to begin and keep you on the right path. We believe you can do it!

Become a member today and take control of your future and dare to dream again!

To learn more about the Dream Big campaign with SKY II  visit their site: