Hard Core D.I.Y. Projects

It is easy to over do it when you are a do-it-yourselfer. Make sure you choose projects that will shine and not make you stress out!


Are you a Hard Core “Do-It-Yourselfer”?

As a Full-Service Wedding Planner, I get it. Doing projects for your wedding can be tons of fun and save you a lot of money. I want to make sure that you select projects and items that will be the right fit for your time schedule and budget.

There are three major things to consider when choosing which projects to tackle yourself.

1) You must be able to create it in advance and make sure it will last until the wedding.

2) It should not be something that you are super particular about, DIY and perfection often do not go hand in hand.

3) Set up or assembly should not require your presence on the wedding day, you have enough to do already.

So, how do you decide what you will and won’t do? The first thing to do is to figure out why you want to do these projects in the first place. Is it because you want to show off your skills? Is it because you want to make something personal for your guests? Is it because you want to save money? No matter what the reason, make sure that you select projects that will allow you to meet your needs and not cause additional stress.


If you want to make something to give to your guests, try making a reception favor that will keep without any special care. However, try to avoid making food items.

If you want to show off your skills, try showcasing them in just a few areas of interest like the guest book table or another specialty table. This is a great was to display your talents, without over committing yourself.

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Happy Planning!

Setting Your Priorities

As you travel through your planning process, it is easy to forget what was important to you in the beginning of your planning. Refer back to this priority to keep your focus clear and stay on track.

Many couples go over budget and get out of control in their spending during the wedding planning process. However, if the couple stays focused and learns the proper way to plan, this can be avoided.

bigstock-Young-Couple-Saving-Money-6087764 (2).jpgIn the beginning, there may be several things that just don’t seem to be all that important, and they decide to give those items a small budget. However, later on when the couple begins to shop for these items, they can get caught up in the all the details and extras and get off track, resulting in overspending.

Let us take a look at an example of a common item couples go over budget on, invitations. At the start the couple may think, “We don’t need to spend a lot on invitations, people will just be throwing them away.”  Then once they begin the actual selection process, their feelings change, and they suddenly are viewing invitations as very important. They start adding nicer font, custom monograms, upgraded paper, ribbons, and jewels.  A $3.00 invitation has now turned into a $15.00 invitation and they can’t imagine going back to the original. To the couple, it might not seem like a big deal, just a few dollars. When you multiply it by all of the invitations that need to be mailed and add postage, they just went $1,200 over budget on a 100 person invite list.

Now if this can happen with something they thought was so unimportant to begin with, imagine what can happen with items are viewed as very important from the start.

To help stay on course, we have developed a priority list that can be filled out at the beginning of each planning phase and then it can be referred back to whenever you start to veer off track.

Download your free Priority list here: Priority List

Happy Planning!

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Planning For Your Personality

Understanding your core personality can help you stay true to who you are during your wedding planning.


Staying true to yourself and your core personality will help you to stay focused on what is important to your wedding.

For this topic, there are four basic types of personalities I want to focus on.

The 1st is the personality type that cares most about sharing this day with family and friends. This couple is fortunate in a way that they understand the true essence of what a wedding celebration was meant to be. This couple will most likely choose a casual setting, comfort food, and focus on the reception and party.

The next personality type cares mostly about being in the spotlight. It is important that the guests ooh and ahh over how amazing everything is. This wedding will focus mainly on decor.

For our 3rd personality type, it is all about the party. The music and the alcohol are top priorities. As long as everyone has fun dancing the night away, that is all that matters.

Our 4th couple will seek a more private affair. The primary goal is that they are married and can share that with only those who mean the most to them. This sometimes means the wedding will be attended by witnesses only.

For the most part, a couple with both share the perspective of what is most important, but there will be cases where they will have to compromise or blend their views.

Understanding who you are as a couple will help keep you focused on what means most to you and will prevent overspending in areas that are not as important.