Clear Communication with Family

Getting caught up in the focus of how you want your wedding to be can unintentionally leave people who care about you and your wedding in the dust. Don’t let this happen to you and those you care about.

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Planning your wedding can be really exciting, and you can easily get caught up in the excitement, charging forward, and making plans for the wedding and not even realizing people who are close to you may also have had years of ideas, thoughts, and dreams involving your wedding.

It is a good idea to take a moment and consider their thoughts and ideas before you make significant commitments. Taking time to include others in the joy and excitement of the planning doesn’t mean you have to follow their suggestions, but it is respectful to listen to them and hear what their ideas are and why they may have had these dreams. It can be hard to realize that maybe your parents or your finance’s parents have been thinking of your wedding day longer than you have.

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As a member of Wedding State University, we have a section that is totally dedicated to a family meeting where we help walk our members through communicating with families. In our family section, we suggest having a meeting with those who are involved with the wedding, this gives a great opportunity for everyone to share their ideas, hopes, and dreams.

Typically as with all generation gaps, it can be hard to understand each person’s perspective. Mom or grandma may never have heard of wearing a tuxedo with tennis shoes or playing games at the reception. In their day, these things may have been considered poor taste or even disrespectful. Try not to get offended by a negative comment from them. Just understand that they may not know how common these “new” ideas are. We suggest showing your Pinterest boards, Instagram, Youtube, and even magazine photos or even simple internet searches to show your ideas. After they see if they may change their mind.

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If they don’t come around as quickly as you had hoped, give it a little time. They may decide to do a little research on their own and find out they may end up embracing the idea. Don’t give up on the first try.

As with all relationships, open and honest, clear communication is always the best. Happy Planning!

If you need additional support join us today at Wedding State University.

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