Setting Your Priorities

As you travel through your planning process, it is easy to forget what was important to you in the beginning of your planning. Refer back to this priority to keep your focus clear and stay on track.

Many couples go over budget and get out of control in their spending during the wedding planning process. However, if the couple stays focused and learns the proper way to plan, this can be avoided.

bigstock-Young-Couple-Saving-Money-6087764 (2).jpgIn the beginning, there may be several things that just don’t seem to be all that important, and they decide to give those items a small budget. However, later on when the couple begins to shop for these items, they can get caught up in the all the details and extras and get off track, resulting in overspending.

Let us take a look at an example of a common item couples go over budget on, invitations. At the start the couple may think, “We don’t need to spend a lot on invitations, people will just be throwing them away.”  Then once they begin the actual selection process, their feelings change, and they suddenly are viewing invitations as very important. They start adding nicer font, custom monograms, upgraded paper, ribbons, and jewels.  A $3.00 invitation has now turned into a $15.00 invitation and they can’t imagine going back to the original. To the couple, it might not seem like a big deal, just a few dollars. When you multiply it by all of the invitations that need to be mailed and add postage, they just went $1,200 over budget on a 100 person invite list.

Now if this can happen with something they thought was so unimportant to begin with, imagine what can happen with items are viewed as very important from the start.

To help stay on course, we have developed a priority list that can be filled out at the beginning of each planning phase and then it can be referred back to whenever you start to veer off track.

Download your free Priority list here: Priority List

Happy Planning!

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